A new world of shaving adventure under $18.

Its New! Our Vintage Challenger.

What? An Adjustable Razor Starting at just $3.00?

The Challenger Story:

Challenger is uniquely aimed at consumers wanting a high quality, gentle, yet extremely efficient razor.

Best of all no disposable razor can compete with it in terms of shave quality, cost per shave, and shaving experience. It even has a removable head with others in development and sold separately.

Challenger Reduces Your Environmental Footprint.

Our goal with Challenger is to compete alongside popular disposables providing a better and less expensive way to shave, but also to help lower the environmental impact compared to using a disposable. Challenger provides a better, cheaper, and greener shave.

 VINTAGE Black Tiger Razor.

At only $9.99 delivered –  the VINTAGE Black Tiger is a gem of a razor.

An incredible shave for under $10 delivery included!**

Featuring a gentle and extremely efficient Gillette Tech style head, the Black Tiger is the first razor of our VINTAGE Series of double edge razors. Its unique antique black finish is designed to age over time increasing its authenticity.

Black Tiger is made of 100% solid steel. No Zinc! Black Tiger provides amazing quality, authenticity and value for the new wet shaver, It also makes a perfect travel razor. 

** In the continental USA.

VINTAGE Jasmine – A D.E. Razor for Women.

Women can now affordably discover the joy & excitement of wet shaving. Under $12 delivered.**

** In the continental USA.

The VINTAGE Jasmine has been completely engineered for women. It has been designed to be used in the bath or shower. It is light. It is gentle. It is super efficient.

Jasmine features a long, extremely easy to grip plastic handle and a water resistant head made of chromed brass. Jasmine is $11.99 and should be available in March.

VINTAGE “No Kill” Synthetic Mirrored Brush

The Shave Brush Re-Imagined. 

Our VINTAGE “No Kill” Shave Brush is one of our coolest and most original products featuring:

  • 22 inch synthetic knot.
  • Knot is finished to sport a badger appearance.
  • Superior wooden handle.
  • Our exclusive and practical mirror in the base of the shave brush.
  • Compact design that is great for travel.
  • Only $15 delivery included.