The VINTAGE Series - Excellent Razors Under $20.

Meet the VINTAGE Series Black Tiger. Under $12.99

Amazing quality shave for only $12.99 delivered. Antique black. All steel. Guaranteed for life.

Featuring a gentle and extremely efficient Gillette Tech style head, the Black Tiger is the first razor of our VINTAGE Series of double edge razors. Its unique antique black finish is designed to age over time increasing its authenticity.

Black Tiger is made of 100% solid steel. Black Tiger provides amazing quality, authenticity and value for the new wet shaver, It also makes a perfect travel razor. 


Meet the VINTAGE Jasmine Women's Razor.

Discover the excitement of offering your female customers the very best of wet shaving.

Jasmine has been completely engineered for women. It has been designed to be used in the bath or shower.

Jasmine features a long extremely easy to grip plastic handle. A water resistant head made of solid brass. Jasmine will cost $19.99 and be available in January.

Meet The VINTAGE Shave Kit.

Designed to be a quality shave kit for the new wet shaver, The VINTAGE Shave Kit features:

  • A VINTAGE Series Synthetic "No Kill" shave brush.
  • An Arko Shave Stick.
  • 10 Dorco ST-301 blades.
  • A VINTAGE Series System Case.

The kit contains everything necessary for a new wet shaver could possibly want to begin their wet shaving journey.

The Vintage Shave Kit will cost $22 (USD) and be available for Christmas 2018.

Sell Sheets

Black Tiger Sell Sheet (pdf)