Here are YouTube Reviews on the Products We Make

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Replitech – An Improved 1965 Tech Replica.

Stainless steel crack proof handle. Only $30.

“ICE” – The Next Step Up From a 34C.

ICE Double Edge Safety Razor
ICE – The next step up from a 34C or DE89. Only $30.

Tribute R41+. Not a Copy. An Improvement.

Our R41+ IS A RUNAWAY HIT! Only $30.

Gemini – Razor for Both Face & Head Shaves.

Open Comb & Closed Comb Head & Two Handles. Only $45.00.

Ristretto – Bold & Aggressive.


BLACK TIGER – Our Least Expensive Razor is a Winner!

Beautiful Antique Black Finish. All Steel. Only $7.50.

Calypso – Fights Ingrown Hair & Razor Bumps.

A Gentle Open Comb Design. Only $22.00

Challenger Global Shave’s $4.50 SE Razor.

Single Edge Razor. Heads are Interchangeable. Only $4.50.

Sumatra – Our Most Popular Razor

Beautiful Rose Gold & Gun Metal Design. Only $10.

Espresso – 100% Golden Nobel Brass.

Beautiful. Gentle. Well-made. Only $11.

Americano – Beautiful Gold Head & Gun Metal Handle

This all brass beauty is only $11.