Video Reviews 2

Americano Butterfly Razor (Only $12)

Americano Safety Razor
Americano – An inexpensive well reviewed butterfly razor with stand.

Black Tiger Steel 3-Piece (Only $7.50)

Black Tiger – An all-steel 3-piece razor in antique black.

Calypso 3-Piece Razor (Only $22)

Calypso the razor designed to fight ingrown hairs & razor bumps.

Espresso Butterfly Razor (Only $12)

Espresso – An inexpensive Golden Nobel Brass butterfly razor with stand.

Gemini 4 – Piece Razor (From $30)

Gemini – A dual comb (closed/open) razor for both head & face shaves.

ICE – A Smooth Shaving Mid Aggression

ICE Double Edge Safety Razor
ICE – The next step up from a 34C or DE89.

Tribute R41+. Better Than The Original.

Replitech. Yes the Tech Lives Again!

Steam – It provides a wonderful shave. Simply Elegant.

Sumatra – Mild (But Not Too Mild). Efficient. Beautiful.