Our Tribute Series Is CNC Machined.

Meet Repli-Tech the First Model of the TRIBUTE Series.

Repli-Tech is the first of 4 rvintage razors that we are replicating. Based on a 1970 TECH, the Repli-Tech is being made available in three exciting models. It will be available for resale on December 1st! 

Model 101 - Is made of 100% stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. Model 101 sells at retail for  for $35 USD.

Model 102 - Is made of 100% nobel brass and comes with a lifetime warranty. Model 102 sells at retail for  $40 USD.

● JFK Model - features a 1960 Tech design and Is made of 100% brass, plated with 24 carat gold. It comes with a lifetime warranty. The JFK model sells at retail for  for $65 USD. 

We will also offer a deluxe model which will come with a 24 carat gold plated blade bank, a 24 carat plated tube for shave cream, The JFK model comes with a case  and will sell for $99.

Models 101 & 102 are currently available for pre-order.

We are currently entertaining dealer applications for our TRIBUTE Series dealer network.


The TRIBUTE Repli-Speed

The Repli Speed is designed after one of the most famous vintage razors of all time! It’ has a wonderful classic look, and shaves very efficiently and gently. Best of all Repli Speed takes customers back to a simpler time, when people actually wet shaved.

Our Repli-Speed will be offered in two models. One of 100% stainless steel. The other of polished brass. The razor will sell for $35 and $40 respectively and it will be available for March 2019.

Meet The TRIBUTE Fat Guy!

100% authentic. 100% affordable. Faithful to the original at half the current vintage razor price, the TRIBUTE Series Fat Guy will have all of the characteristics of the original. That is because it will be a faithful replica of a 1959 Fat Boy, a razor that is very sought after by collectors.

Fat Boys were only produced for four short years, so they're less numerous than Gillette's other adjustables, such as the Slim Adjustables and the Super Adjustables (Black Beauties). 

We expect the FatGuy to sell for about $85.00. It will be CNC engineered and should be available in stainless steel by the summer of 2019.

Gillette, Tech, Super Speed, and Fat Boy are all registered trademarks of Proctor & Gamble.