Razor Showdown. The Merkur 34C Vs The Edwin Jagger DE89. Which One Sucks?

 THE EDWIN JAGGER DE89 versus THE MERKUR 34C. Which One Wins the Day? Find Out Which One and Why…. This post may be a bit controversial. Remember, these are my opinions, based on my experiences with these two razors. Your mileage may vary. Presenting the Edwin Jagger DE89. Edwin Jagger was founded in 1988 by […]

Dermatologist Insists Keeping a Beard is Unhygienic.

Beards may be the hottest style trend for men right now, but there could be a downside. There  are a few health issues a man should consider before he starts growing a beard. “A beard could become problematic,” said Dr. Daniel Yadager a dermatologist in a recent interview on CBS. Yadager explained that the coarseness […]

A Head is a Head Right? Not when it comes to safety razors. (Part 1)

There are so many choices of safety razors, heads, and blades, that it may be confusing for some people. In this post, we will examine the characteristics of the various options available in selecting a razor with a good head on its shoulders – LOL!

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