Tribute R41+ Open Comb Razor. An Improved Version of the Muhle R41 in Rose Gold and Chrome.

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A Bit Less Aggressive. A Lot More Efficient.

An Affordable and Improved Replica of the Muhle R41.

It's the R41 That You Wish You Had.

Pictured Here in Luxurious Chrome and Contrasting Rose Gold.

Our Tribute Series R41+ is our tribute to the Muhle R41+

The hallmark of both comfort and aggressiveness and our Comfort Shaving R41+ has every bit of the goodness of the original but is gentler and more efficient.

  • Its open comb head is slightly less aggressive and is much more efficient, which makes it ideal for experienced wet shavers with thick and coarse beards.
  • A longer, lighter handle, but decidedly head heavy makes it easier to resist the temptation of pressing down thereby helping to eliminate cuts and nicks.
  • The knurling on its handle provides a firmer grip so the razor rests securely in your hand during your morning shave.
  • About half the price of the original.
  • This is an aggressive razor, yet it is very comfortable to shave with. So much so you won't really notice the aggressiveness.
  • Usually gives a BBS shave in two passes (or less!)
  • Recommended for intermediate and experienced wet-shavers.
  • Beautifully finished and warrantied against manufacturing defects for life.

Tribute R41+ Product Brochure.

Crafted with exceptional precision and integrity.

Purchase a Tribute R41+ and you’ll own a brand new piece of history at a great savings compared to the original.

While our version of the R41+ is very similar and faithful to the original, we have improved the construction of the razor opting to use a 100% brass handle instead of Zamak 5, and Zamak 8 for the head instead of Zamak 5.

Zamak 8 has a very high tensile strength, it isn't as brittle, and is much more durable.

Shaving Characteristics:
Construction100% brass handle and zink / steel alloy head.

Weight and handle length.
2.0 ounces, 4.00 inches.
Type3-piece Open Comb DE safety razor.
Aggressiveness (1 - 5)
4.0 / 5 with excellent efficiency! (For reference we consider a Muhle R41 to be 5/5.)
Suitable for
Serious wet shavers.
WarrantyLifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
30 day returnYes (purchaser pays return shipping.)

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