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Shave Therapy Is a Fusion of Excellent Shave Care and Aromatherapy.

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The Shave Therapy System consists of three main products and is lovingly made by artisans in small batches.

The system inludes a two to three month supply of:

  • Pre-Shave Oil - used before you shave.
  • Intershave Oil - used between passes.
  • Post Shave Oil - used instead of shave balm and much more beneficial both for your face and also your overall wellness.
  • System Case - stores the kit and is great for travel.

Download the system brochure to find out more.

Let's Examine Each Step that the Shave Therapy (tm) System Provides:

Step 1 - Pre-Shave Prepare & Relax.

Our preshave system softens your beard, detoxifies your skin, while supporting your well being by supporting detoxification and relaxation.

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Ingredients: Sunflower oil. Olive oil. Castor oil. Vegetable glycerine. Eucalyptus essential oil. Lime essential oil.

Commentary: Shave Therapy’s pre-shave softens your beard, protects your skin, kills the bacteria on the skin’s surface, and provides calmness and relaxation before your shave.

Step 2 - Inter-Shave Lubricate & Detoxify.

Ingredients: Pure virgin grape seed oil. Clove essential oil. Lemon essential oil.

Commentary: Shave Therapy’s inter-shave oil is a new revolution in shaving comfort. It lubricates your face and adds a second level of protection. It protects your face from the drying effects of shave soap, increases blood-flow and kills bacteria on the skin’s surface, while increasing your energy level.

Step 3 -Post-shave Repair & Immunize.

Ingredients: Cold pressed fractionated coconut oil. Tea tree oil. Peppermint oil.

Commentary: Shave Therapy’s Post Shave oil replaces shave balm. It’s super hydration rejuvenates and repairs while its unique mix of essential oils support your immune system

Note: Post Shave oil may leave your skin feeling a bit oily for about 5 minutes, but the oily feeling will go away quickly as the oils get absorbed into the skin.


Steps 1 & 2 - Wet your face. Invert bottle on your palm. Apply to face.Leave for one minute then wet your face again. Apply your shave soap, Shave as usual. Apply Aftershave after Step 2.

Step 3 - Do your final rinse(s). Work oil into your skin for a minute or so.

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