Merkur 42C. It is a gentle and efficient razor with a nostalgic touch! Great for beginners! Lowest price on the web.

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The Merkur 42C is Actually a Modern Razor but with a Vintage Touch to it.

The Merkur 42C Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor is a beautifully crafted and finished 3 piece razor. The quality which is synonymous with Merkur is evident in every detail... The shorter length handle is nickle plated brass and hexagonal in profile with exquisite notching along the whole section which allows for a superior grip even when hands are wet.

The domed base allows for easy blade swapping and also adds the finishing touch to an eye catching razor. The razor sits comfortably in the hand. and the weight is evenly distributed along the length of the handle, achieving a well balanced easy to use razor. The handle is topped with a plated brass head which is finished in polished nickle. An elegant looking razor and a popular favourite. Made in Germany (Solingen).

RECOMMENDED FOR All skin types.

The Recognizable Feature of the Razor is its Handle.

It’s a six-sided-diamond-patterned handle which is exactly the same of the original 1904. Unlike most modern handles which make use of textured cylindrical handles, the Merkur 42C relies on the diamond patterns and the six sides to provide the grip of the razor.

The reason why this design is not widely used is because the rights have to be acquired and it’s more difficult to recreate than the cylindrical designs.

Another unique feature about the razor is its finishing. Instead of using the very common chrome finish, it’s coated with a nickel finish. Some users have commented about how the nickel coating gives the razor a better appearance than the chrome finished ones.

The 42C's Head

The modern element to the razor is its head. The geometry of the Merkur 42C is actually very similar to a lot of razors manufactured by Merkur.

Overall, if you want the whole experience of traditional shaving, the Merkur 42C can give you just that. To provide with a perspective, the design of the razor is just like the ones that your grandfather or your great grandfather could have used during their time.



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