DORCO ST-301. The Chevrolet of DE Blades. Qty 100.

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Perfect. Inexpensive. Sharp.

From Merkur to Parker and Edwin Jagger, these Dorco ST-301 Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades should be able to fit without issue on all modern safety razors. Each one of the razor blades has been coated using platinum, a precious metal oft-used for both its resistance to rust and its outstanding hardness. Both factors are useful in ensuring that each Dorco razor blade lasts as long as possible, so as to provide the most value possible to the customer. Despite the emphasis on prolonged usefulness, Dorco razor blades are also sharpened so as to provide smoother and less irritating shaves.

For more than five decades, Dorco has been producing and selling razors, razor blades, kitchen knives, and stationery cutters for the Korean market. Its success in its domestic market has seen it expand to other countries, establishing beachheads through partnering with local retailers. Dorco aims high, but its accomplishments match those aspirations.



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