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Our new razors are all made by CNC machining. They are ultra precise and warranted forever.  This video was produced by the Art of Manliness. We thought that it was very well done.


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JAVA Sumatra Review

Mark Szorady on Sumatra.

JAVA Sumatra Razor & JAVA Barista Shave Soap.

Check out this great video by Cinci Shaves

VINTAGE Black Tiger.

Mark Szorady - Is This the Best Razor Under Ten Bucks??

JAVA Americana Razor (Now an Espresso Model)

Steve - The "Fast Shaver".

JAVA Espresso Review (Same as Americano)

Mark Szorady

JAVA Cappuccino

Mark Szorady - Loved the Razor and our Barista Soap.

More Cappuccino Rave Reviews.

Glad you liked it Ken Surfs.

Yet Another Cappuccino Shave.

Thanks Gary. - Cinci Shaves.