Repli Speed a 1949 Super Speed That Shaves Like a Red Tip.

The Super Speed was truly a break through SAFETY razor for Gillette. The Super Speed evolved from the Gillette Rocket but it had a design that was easier to build, less expensive to make, and arguably provided a better shave. 


ICE - Royal Crown Edition.

The "Royal Crown" is a new limited edition of our famous ICE safety razor. It features a 24 carat handle and back plate and is adorned by a gorgeous, glistening top cap.


ICE Mentholated Aftershave.

Our Ice Mentholated Aftershave is loaded with glycerine, menthol, lemon, and spearmint essential oils. It comes with a spiffy whiskey flask that can be used after your aftershave has run out. Oh ya, its also way cool.


Storm - A Jaunty Two-Piece.

Storm is a frisky, mid-aggression 2-piece safety razor that is very predictable, heavy, and easy to control. Storm joins its line mates RAIN and Thunder all of which have similar heads, heavy weights, and indestructable solid brass chassy and parts.


ICE - Tuxedo Edition

The Tuxedo edition of our ICE razor, has a black, mette top cap which further accentuates the 24 carat gold plated handle and baseplate.


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