JAVA Series

JAVA Americano & JAVA Espresso Twins.

Presenting JAVA Americano and JAVA Espresso. Well designed butterfly razors.

Inspired by the Gillette Super Speed both razors are timeless and beautiful.

JAVA Series Espresso and JAVA Series Americano are targeted squarely at millenials and those who want to embrace wet shaving. They also appeal to experienced wet shavers who want value in a razor, but not compromise.

These are value conscious consumers who have an affinity for that which is nostalgic. We choose a butterfly razor, made from solid Noble Gold Brass. Millennials embrace products that endure, are authentic, and have intrinsic value.

Espresso (finished in Noble Brass as shown) and Americano (finished in gun metal with a gold head,) have the following exciting features:

● Easy to use butterfly design.

● A titanium opening mechanism that should last many lifetimes.

● Adjustable shave aggressiveness – Espresso allows user to loosen the butterfly doors up to 4 mm (1/8 of a turn) to make the razor to be slightly more aggressive.

Espresso & Americano are very economically priced. Its retro packaging is both stylish and completes Espresso’s nostalgic theme.


JAVA Arabica Razor

Meet JAVA Arabica. Put a little zest into your life.

Discover the zest of Arabica! Heavy weight. Steel & Pewter. Long handle. Guaranteed for life.

Featuring a gentle and extremely efficient Edwin Jagger style head, the JAVA Arabica is a razor that every man will enjoy shaving with.

JAVA Arabica is made of steel, powder coated in black,  JAVA Arabica provides great shave quality, authenticity and value, for both new and existing wet shavers. 

JAVA Arabica  is a unique product. A razor that is heavier than most. Its handle has “positive knurling” which, combined with its powder-coated matte finish, and end knob, makes JAVA Arabica such a joy to shave with.

Brilliantly crafted. JAVA Arabica  offers a unique value proposition and is extremely affordable when compared to its rivals. Arabica is CNC manufactured insuring a degree of quality and precision that is unsurpassed and difficult to match.

JAVA Sumatra Razor

Our Beautiful JAVA Sumatra. A great shave for under $15.00.

Meet The Super Affordable Sumatra. Our Most Popular Razor.

100% Authentic. 100% Affordable. Dazzling black & gold color theme. Guaranteed for life.

Inspired by the British Gillette Tech of 1942, the Global Shave Sumatra is truly a stunning razor of excellent quality and strong Millennial appeal!

Adorned by gleaming, anodised black chrome, and contrasting gold head, Sumatra provides authenticity and value as the entry-level razor of the JAVA Series. 

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