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ICE – Step Up From a 34C!

A Really Beautiful Razor!

ICE is the pinnacle of design, excellence and quality. It is designed to be one step up from some pretty established razors such as the Merkur 34C. and Edwin Jagger DE89.


Stainless steel construction versus Zamak on the 34C & DE89. Our amazing “Dyna Grip” handle, made of solid stainless steel provides superior grip in comparison with the 34C & DE89. ICE’s handle is 3.75 inches long, versus 2.75 inches for the 34C, and 3.25 inches for the DE89. ICE weighs 4 ounces. The Merkur and Edwin Jagger both weigh 2.7 ounces. ICE is slightly more aggressive and so much more efficient producing gentle, controllable and efficient shaves every time.

ICE carries a limited lifetime warranty** and is now on sale for $30.00. (Introductory Price)

The Tribute Replitech

Replitech in chrome now shipping.

It is so difficult to remake a legend and it took almost a year to do. But we finally did it. Replitech features a ball end handle made of stainless steel so that it won’t crack over time.

Each Replitech features a stainless steel ball end handle that is CNC manufactured and a Zamak 8 aloy head.

Replitech comes with an adventure travel case, 5 razor blades, storage satchel, and cleaning cloth.

Replitech ships free. Own a modern classic only $35.00.

The Tribute R41+

Now in stock in two models – Rose Gold and Brushed Chrome.

We took a great razor and made it even better.

Our Muhle R41 replica is a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, and is created for ambitious wet shavers. As you will notice the base plate has been very slightly modified, but the rest of the original design remains the same. This makes our R41+ a little less aggressive. If the original is 5/5 on the aggressiveness scale, our R41+ is 4.5/5 which is often enough of a difference to make it more accessible to more shavers.

R41+ combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish. The model has a channelled open comb just like the original. 

R41+ comes in two editions, either rose gold and chrome, or brushed chrome.


Improvements We Made.

The R41+ is a tad milder, much more efficient, and uses stainless steel on the handle and a more advanced zinc alloy on the head. See the reviews. They are awesome razors.

Tribute R41+ carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $35.00.

GEMINI – A Four Piece Razor With Eight Peronalties!


Head Shave
Gemini is Great for Head Shavers Who Also Have Faces!

Dual Sided Open & Closed Comb Head. Two Handles. 

We wanted to create a razor specially for head shavers. We knew that it had to have two personalities. One more appropriate for the face, and one more appropriate for the head. Quite a challenge to be solved. So we created a unique dual comb head and sell it with two distinct handles – one that is perfectly balanced for head shaves and the other more heavily weighted which changes the balance point, making it perform better for face shaves.

Gemini carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $50.00. (Introductory Price.)

JAVA Ristretto

Reistretto is agtessive but very easy to shave with,

Don’t let the Gillette Tech style head fool you! Ristretto is not for the faint of heart. Ristretto is 5/5 in terms of aggression, but unlike other aggressive razors, it is very tameable. Just hold it at a 90 degree angle to your face. No cuts. No nicks. No weepers. Just an amazing shave in very little time.

Ristretto carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $35.00.

JAVA Americano

Who says that a razor can’t be beautiful and produce a wonderful shave at the same time?

Inspired by the Gillette Black Beauty, we worked with Weshi to modify their 9306 and make it just a bit more aggressive.

The result a 100% brass absolutely superb razor that is good for experienced and beginning shavers alike.

Americano carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $19.95.

JAVA Espresso

The same razor as the JAVA Americano but made out of 100% Noble Brass.

Nobel Golden Brass is the highest quality brass that is manufactured. It is specially alloyed to be extremely tarnish resistant and will make a great family heirloom.

Espresso carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $19.95.

JAVA Sumatra

Our Most Popular Razor.

Breathtaking beauty, precise craftsmanship, and an excellent shave, what more can you want from a razor? JAVA Sumatra is clearly in a class by itself.

Inspired by the famed Gillette Tech, and made to a very high standard, Sumatra sets the pace for the rest of our product line. If you want a mild but super efficient shave, this is your razor!

Sumatra carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $15.99.


Puts a Stop to Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs.

This gentle, efficient, open comb razor has been engineered to iradicate ingrowns and razor bumps.

Razor bumps may seem like a minor issue, but the truth is that it’s not. After all, it can cause scarring, irritation, and pimples.

Featuring a long handle, and a specially developed blade gap, shaving with the Calypso Razor, will present you with a virtually bump free experience.

Meet Tyrone.

CALYPSO answers the call with its gentle open comb head and 3-metal construction producing incredible stiffness.

Calypso carries a limited lifetime warranty** and sells for $28.00

Black Tiger $12.00

See the Reviews. All steel. Well made. Gentle. Inexpensive.

Featuring a gentle and extremely efficient Gillette Tech style head, the Black Tiger is the first razor of our VINTAGE Series of double edge razors. Its unique antique black finish is designed to age over time increasing its authenticity.

Black Tiger is made of 100% solid steel. No Zinc! Black Tiger provides amazing quality, authenticity and value for the new wet shaver, It also makes a perfect travel razor. 

Black Tiger carries a limited 2-year warranty** and sells for $12.00

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