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Actually there is nothing too complicated about our program. The first step of course is to contact us by clicking on the button on the right.

The program is simple. After chatting with you and doing a little homework together, we will, at our discretion, place consignment inventory at your location. You are responsible for reporting your sales and paying us for what you have sold on a monthly basis.

We are confident in the razors and wet shaving supplies that we carry. We also are confident in the rapidly growing wet shaving market fueled by millennials who crave the experience and vintage authenticity that wet shaving provides.

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Why not add a wet shaving department to your men's wear store, related retail store, or barber shop?

We will provide you with our world-class razors, shave soap, brushes and accessories.

You pay us when you make sales, and we reward you for it pretty well.

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