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The Repli-Speed is designed after one of the most famous vintage razors of all time the Super Speed! It’ has a wonderful classic look, and shaves very efficiently and gently. Best of all Repli-Speed takes customers back to a simpler time, when most people actually wet shaved.

Repli-Speed Should be available in late summer 2019.


100% authentic. 100% affordable. Faithful to the original at half the current vintage razor price, the Fat-Guy will have all of the characteristics of the original Fat Boy (model 195). That is because it will be a faithful replica of a 1959 Fat Boy, a razor that is very sought after by collectors.

Fat Boys were only produced for four short years, so they’re less numerous than Gillette’s other adjustables, such as the Slim Adjustables and the Super Adjustables (Black Beauties). 

FAT GUY should be available for Christmas 2019 and will sell between $65 to $85.




Open & Closed Comb Head. Two Handles. Great for Head Shavers Because – You Have Faces Too!

We wanted to create a razor specially for head shavers. We knew that it had to have two personalities. One more appropriate for the face, and one more appropriate for the head. Quite a challenge to be solved. We like challenges and we outdid ourselves.

Introducing GEMINI 4-Piece Safety Razor.

Not all body hair is the same. Head shaving has its own challenges. Hair turns into stubble. So a good head razor had to be able to shave off both. That is why the head of the razor has a dual comb. That is also why we didn’t offer two heads. We figured that if we created one head that could be a bit on the milder side, say 34C mild, yet super efficient for both purposes, That would be ideal.

GEMINI has Two Handles and Two Personalities.

A thin black handle is provided for your head shave.

It is not knurled because your hands have to be easily repositionable as you shave your head.A lot of the shave happens in hard to reach places and the back of your head it’s difficult to see what you are shaving back there. But the handle also had to grip solidly in your hands when soapy or wet, so we included a special covering that is slip resistant and also had a ball end, so it was easy to hold on to. The Head Shave Handle had to make the razor, head heavy which curbs the shaver’s urge to apply pressure when shaving the back of his head. The razor also had to be more maneuverable for head shaving and therefore lighter. It had to make shaving your head an awesome experience.

Then we added a totally different personality for GEMINI by including a second handle.

The second handle completely changes the shave experience.
It is much heavier and that changes the balance point further down the handle of the razor. It has a great grip because that is what everybody wants in a handle, It is a lot beefier and a lot more substantial to hold.. These are the hallmarks of a great razor designed for face shaving.
We Started With An Interesting Design Concept.

But Wait There’s More:

GEMINI is a great razor for both beginners and experienced traditional shavers. It provides a great shave experience on both sides of the razor’s head. Gemini also provides a comfortable shave in four possible head / handle combinations because the head is dual comb and there are two handles that come with the razor.

Gemini is availabel mid-June. We do have alimited supply for now. It sells for $55.00 shipping included.

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