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The Repli-Speed is designed after one of the most famous vintage razors of all time the Super Speed! It’ has a wonderful classic look, and shaves very efficiently and gently. Best of all Repli-Speed takes customers back to a simpler time, when most people actually wet shaved.

Repli-Speed Should be available in late summer 2019.


100% authentic. 100% affordable. Faithful to the original at half the current vintage razor price, the Fat-Guy will have all of the characteristics of the original Fat Boy (model 195). That is because it will be a faithful replica of a 1959 Fat Boy, a razor that is very sought after by collectors.

Fat Boys were only produced for four short years, so they’re less numerous than Gillette’s other adjustables, such as the Slim Adjustables and the Super Adjustables (Black Beauties). 

FAT GUY should be available for Christmas 2019 and will sell between $65 to $85.



Specially for Women. Sorry Guys!

Meet MIST our first razor in our new women’s line.

We wanted to create a razor specially for women. We knew that it had to have two personalities. One more appropriate for the face, and one more appropriate for body hair, Quite a challenge to be solved. We like challenges and we outdid ourselves.

Not all body hair is the same. Face shaving has its own challenges. Hair turns into stubble. So a good women’s razor had to be able to shave off both facial hair and body hair.  We figured that if we created one head that could be abit more efficient and slightly more aggressive than the Merkur 34C, it would accomplish great face shaves and body shaves as well.

MIST comes in a little kit. You get:

  • MIST safety razor.
  • Specially formulated Mist Shave Oil. (Simply apply it before each pass.)
  • A 5 pack of Shaverboy Blades.
  • Mini System Case.

MIST is shipping the first week of August. MIST carries a 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty against defects. MIST is $35.00 (Con-USA Shipping is included.)


One of the great benefits of using a safety razor (either single, or double edge) is the amount of flexibility and choice that it gives you to achieve a perfect shave.

What if there was a simple way to make any safety razor more aggressive?

The concept is very simple, but it took some research and development to accomplish. Each Agresso Label has four strips that you can peel off of the label. Each strip is made from “space tech vinyl” and is a quarter of an inch wide by one and a half inches long. The vinyl strip is water resistant. Each strip adds 4 mil. to the blade gap of the razor and strips can be combined if need be. In fact, you can also adjust one side of the head to be more aggressive than the other!

Agresso is on sale now! It came a bit early. Only $3.50 + Shipping.