Fat Guy - Coming August 2020. A Replica of One of the Most Desirable Adjustable Safety Razors of all

100% authentic. 100% affordable. Faithful to the original at half the current vintage razor price, the Fat-Guy will have all of the characteristics of the original Fat Boy (model 195). That is because it will be a faithful replica of a 1960 Fat Boy, a razor that is very sought after by collectors.

Fat Boys were only produced for four short years, so they’re less numerous than Gillette’s other adjustables, such as the Slim Adjustables and the Super Adjustables (Black Beauties). 


Tsunami Features a Channel R41 Style Head.

Additional Information

Both beautiful to look at, and unique in every aspect, Tsunami is the pinnacle of safety razor design. 

Tsunami's overall appearance has an east Asia design influence reminicent of ancient spice routes, and the mysteries of ancient Hindu influences.

Tsunami is a work of art, true. But, its uniquely channelled head is similar to the Muhle R41 in design, but features a safety bar at the front of each channel. This produces a shave a bit milder yet more efficient than the Muhle.

Tsunami will initially make its debut mid-March and it will be initially available in 18 carat gold plate.

TSUNAMI will retail for $35.00


Wave is a Delightful Safety Razor at an Incredible price.

After  two arduous years of development, Global Shave Clubs is proud to announce the impending release of WAVE, a mild open comb razor with great efficiency. Wave is 100% addictive.

Retail Price: $35.00.

Yes we do make Shave Care

B.A.D. Shave Oil is a Revolutionary Product.

Expected in April B.A.D. Shave Oil contains rich emoluents and a unique blend of oils and essential oils. Great before your shave during prep. But, also great after your shave as a replacement for shave balm. You can even use it between passes for an extra measure of protection.

Retail Price for 2 oz bottle: $10.50


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