Tyrone hadn’t shaved in 27  years until he tried Calypso!

An unsolicited review. Meet Tyrone.

Tyrone is a user of our CALYPSO Razor just like so many other men of colour.

After he used the razor for a while, he sent us this video. We were amazed. His feelings speak for themselves.

Thanks Tyrone!


1 – Why Is It So Difficult for Men of Colour to Shave?

Men of Colour needed an affordable razor that was engineered from the ground up to suit their unique shaving requirements.

Men of colour are plagued by ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burn.

CALYPSO answers the call with a very gentle open comb head, a heavyweight handle, and precision design.

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New CALYPSO TTO – In development. Expected delivery March 2019.

2 – Why Should a Man of Colour Use CALYPSO?

CALYPSO fights the war on ingrown hairs and wins!

Ingrown hairs are caused by a curved hair follicle, which produces tightly curled hair—causing the hair to reenter the skin once the hair is cut and starts to grow back.

Ingrown hairs are treated by the skin just like foreign organisms causing the skin to erupt into painful blister-like wounds.

CALYPSO is a unique product. It is designed to cut curly, dense hair, directly at the skin’s surface thereby preventing the hair from curling back where it grows. 

The result is a smooth, close, and efficient shave that has the problem of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn solved once and for all!


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CALYPSO Deluxe 3-piece razor.

3 – How Does the CALYPSO Shave System Fight Razor Bumps?

How to get rid of razor bumps on men of colour, is a question that grooming and health experts have tried to answer for years. 

Razor bumps may seem like a minor issue, but the truth is that it’s not. After all, it can cause scarring, irritation, and pimples.

There have been numerous suggestions on how to treat this condition, ranging from the use of special skin cream like hydrocortisone and tretinoin. African American razor bump treatment also includes home remedies such as cold compress, apple cider vinegar, and honey. 

Prevention is better than cure, so we have developed a shave system that can help thwart the onset of barber’s itch and other problems that plague men of colour when shaving. 

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CALYPSO Standard – Only $22.00!

4 – Why is the CALYPSO Shave System the Solution Men of Colour Have Been Waiting For?

The Calypso Shave System has been designed with a gentle “open comb head” that has been especially optimized for black skin and black beards.

Featuring a long handle, and a specially developed blade gap, shaving with the Calypso Razor and companion Shave System, will present you with a virtually bump free experience.

For guys with curly hair, the use of multi-blade razor can be problematic. While a multi-blade cartridge can give them a close shave, the use of such razor also increases the likelihood of their hair getting caught underneath the skin and becoming inveterate. The irritated hair follicles may then swell up and form red razor bumps.

Your answer to Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs.

A double edge safety razor, such as ours, makes use of a single blade that passes through the skin at a more comfortable angle. The blade is able to cut the hair cleanly, without pulling excessively pulling or grabbing the hair. The open comb is designed to lift the hair before it is sliced thereby virtually eliminating razor bumps.