The GOOD The BAD & The UGLY of Russian Blades

Introduction: Many traditional shavers like Russian Blades. Here’s a rundown of many of them. Hopefully it will clarify quite a bit.  Sharpness, smoothness and longetivity are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.  Please always remember that you may have a completely different experience than I do. These are my opinions. Here goes…. Recent […]

Razor Showdown. The Merkur 34C Vs The Edwin Jagger DE89. Which One Sucks?

 THE EDWIN JAGGER DE89 versus THE MERKUR 34C. Which One Wins the Day? Find Out Which One and Why…. This post may be a bit controversial. Remember, these are my opinions, based on my experiences with these two razors. Your mileage may vary. Presenting the Edwin Jagger DE89. Edwin Jagger was founded in 1988 by […]

FIVE Quick Traditional Shave Tips You Cannot Live Without!

Here they are…… Tip 1 – Apply Your Shave Balm AFTER Your Afterashave.   The purpose of shave balm is two fold. It’s primary purpose is to add moisture to the epidermal skin layer because it has been scraped by a blade. Your skin also needs repair after a shave. That is also accomplished by […]

Best Beginner Razors Under $20!!!! Some you may have never heard of. Our first and second place picks will leave you in awe!

First Things First…. Let’s get GSCI’s stuff mentioned up front….. We have four razors that have been designed to be gentle, yet super efficient, which are both hallmarks of a good beginner razor. They each carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.They are very inexpensive. I am proud of each one! They are: JAVA SUMATRA […]

You won’t believe what I found inside the wrapper of my LORD blades!!!!!

I Couldn’t Believe It – LORD Is Making Voskhod Blades??! This is a simple post. Yesterday I went to shave with our Calypso Deluxe Razor. I opened the wrapper and this is what I found. I couldn’t believe it…. a Voskhod blade in a LORD wrapper. I have always wondered why Voskhods were so much […]

# UsToo in a #MeToo World.

  In an attempt to shed (or more accurately, shave) society’s supposed toxic masculinity issue, Gillette released a powerful new ad urging men to be better by asking them: “Is this the best a man can get?” The reaction by many men (I would say the majority of men, at least the ones I have […]

How to Wet Shave With a Safety Razor. Steps to the Best Shave Ever.

about 5 years ago I found a shaving method that won’t irritate my skin and is also ecologically friendly, affordable, and natural. It revolves around a shiny jewel-like safety razor, a blade, a bowl, and a brush. You won’t have to buy aerosol cans of petroleum-based shaving cream, plastic shavers that you keep throwing out, or overpriced multi-blade razors anymore.

Dermatologist Insists Keeping a Beard is Unhygienic.

Beards may be the hottest style trend for men right now, but there could be a downside. There  are a few health issues a man should consider before he starts growing a beard. “A beard could become problematic,” said Dr. Daniel Yadager a dermatologist in a recent interview on CBS. Yadager explained that the coarseness […]

The Little Blade That Could. (The most underrated DE Blade ever!)

I didn’t have any expectations of it. If this blade could sing it would probably sing “Don’t Make Me Feel Misunderstood….” (Carlos Santana.) In fact I had watched various reviews and no reviewer was enthusiastic about it. So in the end I debated whether I should purchase any or not. But curiosity got the better […]


5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN PURCHASING SAFETY RAZOR BLADES. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss some things you should consider before you choose a razor blade After all, like any other product, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly – although most men who use safety razors are pleased with the kind of […]

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