Our History.


” Welcome to the Global Shave Club Family. Glad you could stop by….”

I have always been an inventor. My life’s ambition has been to take what already exists, improve it, and not only come up with a better product, but also give you a better bang for the buck.

I was in the technology side of things for many years. But my hobby has always been traditional wet shaving.  So I combined my passion with my inventiveness, and Global Shave Clubs was born!

Our Values.

  • People first! Nothing is more important than having happy customers, suppliers and engaged readers of our blog.
  • Customer service is always our top priority.
  • Product originality! We have several exciting and original products. Many are patented.
  • Value – We pledge to give you as much value as we can to keep our pricing as low as possible.
  • Free Shipping – whenever possible. 
  • Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty Against Defects – On all Global Shave Club manufactured products unless otherwise statement.
  • 30-Day Returns on Global Shave Club Razors – How can you tell if you enjoy the experience of using a razor, unless you try it first?
  • Ecology is Important – Most of our packaging is recyclable. Our Challenger single edge razor we see as the most ecologically friendly razor ever designed. Best of all it sells for $3.50!


We will never stop innovating.

We will be introducing a new shave care system “Shave Therapy,” which blends the power of aroma therapy with shave care.

We will introduce quite a few more razors each year. Each razor is designed to serve a specific purpose. Each one is an original design, or a replica of a vintage razor with improvements made. For example our Tribute Replitech Razor is a genuine replica of a 1965 British Gillette Tech. We improved its ball end handle by making it out of stainless steel so it will never crack.

We are also developing an entire line of razors and shave care for women. Women are adopting wet shaving quickly as it is a convenient and safe alternative to electrolysis.