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Tribute R41+ Open Comb Razor a Tribute to Muhle R41! (Brushed Chrome Edition)

In stock
Product Details
A Bit Less Aggressive. A Lot More Efficient.

This Product Sells Out Often & OUTRAGEOUSLY FAST!


An Affordable Replica of the Famous Muhle R41.

New Brushed Chrome Model Now in Stock!!

Pictured Here in Luxurious Chrome and Contrasting Rose Gold.

Our Tribute Series R41+ is our tribute to the Muhle R41+

The hallmark of both comfort and aggressiveness and our Comfort Shaving R41+ has every bit of the goodness of the original but is gentler and more efficient.

  • Its open comb head is slightly less aggressive and is much more efficient, which makes it ideal for experienced wet shavers with thick and coarse beards.
  • A longer, lighter handle, but decidedly head heavy makes it easier to resist the temptation of pressing down thereby helping to eliminate cuts and nicks.
  • The knurling on its handle provides a firmer grip so the razor rests securely in your hand during your morning shave.
  • About half the price of the original.
  • This is an aggressive razor, yet it is very comfortable to shave with. So much so you won't really notice the aggressiveness.
  • Usually gives a BBS shave in two passes (or less!)
  • Recommended for intermediate and experienced wet-shavers.
  • Beautifully finished and warrantied against manufacturing defects for life.

Tribute R41+ Product Brochure.

Crafted with exceptional precision and integrity.

Purchase a Tribute R41+ and you’ll own a brand new piece of history at a great savings compared to the original.

While our version of the R41+ is very similar and faithful to the original, we have improved the construction of the razor opting to use a 100% brass handle instead of Zamak 5, and Zamak 8 for the head instead of Zamak 5.

Zamak 8 has a very high tensile strength, it isn't as brittle, and is much more durable.

Shaving Characteristics:
Construction100% brass handle and zink / steel alloy head.

Weight and handle length.
2.0 ounces, 4.00 inches.
Type3-piece Open Comb DE safety razor.
Aggressiveness (1 - 5)
4.0 / 5 with excellent efficiency! (For reference we consider a Muhle R41 to be 5/5.)
Suitable for
Serious wet shavers.
WarrantyLifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
30 day returnYes (purchaser pays return shipping.)

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Enthusiastic Review by Steve Hardy the Daily Shaver,


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