Traditional Shaving Accoutrements.

  • ICE Double Edge Safety Razor
    ICE - The next step up from a 34C or DE89. Beautifully made. Heavy. Only: $30.00.
  • Calypso the razor designed to fight ingrown hairs & razor bumps. Now on sale for $20.
  • Tribute R41+ shaves more comfortably than the original. Loved by reviewers. Priced at only $30.
  • Replitech - A 1965 British head & stainless ball end handle. Includes Adventure Case. Amazing reviews. Only $30.
  • Gemini - The razor with four personalities. A dual comb head (open / closed.) Two handles one for your face and one for your head! Introductory sale $45.
  • Agresso - Make any razor more aggressive with our specially designed waterproof 4 mil thick adhesive vinyl strips. Just $3.50.
  • Sumatra - A stunning razor in gun metal and rose gold for only $10.
  • Americano & Espresso - Two versions of the Weishi 9306. But, we changed the blade gap just a tad. On sale $10!
  • MIST - Our new shave system for women! Includes razor, shave oil, case, and blades. Only $30.00.
  • NEW - EQUINOX. ITS LIKE A MERKUR 23C ON STEROIDS! Available September 1st. Only $22.50.


ICE - The Next Step Up From a 34C or DE89.

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Everybody's Favorite Next Safety Razor!


We asked ourselves “What would the PERFECT razor be, for new and experienced wet shavers, alike, that could be the next razor after graduating from the Merkur 34C and the Edwin Jagger DE89?"

We wanted to bring out a superior product that would stand the test of time and become an industry standard.

Introducing Ice:

ICE 3-Piece Safety Razor.

Our Design Considerations Were:

  1. It had to be heavy so it was easy to shave with.
  2. We wanted it to have a longer and an easier to grip handle.
  3. The head had to be perfect! A bit more aggressive. A bit more efficient. Yet still easy to use, great for relative new comers and experienced wet shavers alike.

We Started With A Unique Heavy CNC Machined Handle:

We based our handle design on the Tech Fat Handle. But we lengthened it to 4 inches long and we made it out of solid noble brass. Next we gave it twice as fat! WOW!

The handle by itself weighs 2.7 ounces, the weight of both of the 34C and DE89 entire razor. ICE weighs 4 ounces.

We made sure that the knurling was perfect and that the plating was great.

The Head & Razor Balance:

Let’s face facts, the DE89 and the 34C are both pretty gentle razors, and it takes effort to achieve a BBS shave with either of them. ICE is just a little more aggressive and one step up. It is still a mild razor and is easy to use without causing cuts, nicks, and weepers.

Of course the head had to integrate perfectly with the handle and the balance point should be one third of the way down the handle from the head, considered ideal for traditional shaving.



Comfort Shaving ICE


Merkur 34C / 34G


3-Piece Safety Razor

3-Piece Safety Razor

3-Piece Safety Razor


4 ounces

2.7 ounces

2.7 ounces

Handle Length

4 inches

3.25 inches

2.75 inches


3.0 / 5

2.5 / 5

2.5 / 5


Limited Lifetime

2 - years

1 - year


$ 35.00 (Chrome or Gold.)

$ 40.00 - $125.00

$40.00 - $55.00

Loss Insurance (optional)

Optional - $18.50




From order to shipment: 2 - 3 business days
Continental USA Takes: 2 - 4 days from the date of shipment.

Canada and outlying US Territories including ALASKA & HAWAII: takes 3 to 8 days by USPS.

International: Takes 8 to 23 days via Ascendia. Tracking is included.

Economy International Shipping: also takes 8 to 23 days, no tracking is provided.

Our Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Lifetime warranty covers this product against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is extended to the original owner only and excludes normal use and wear or misuse. We also feature a 30-day satisfaction guaranty on those items.

Please note: All returns are shipped back to us at the buyers expense.

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