Oh LORD! You Make So Many Blades How Can Anyone Make Any Sense of Them??

The different Lord razor blade brands.

Lord makes so many double edge razor blade brands. Here’s a guide to help you decide which of their blades may suit you best.

Lord is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 company based in Egypt’s second city, the port of Alexandria. Their 2,200 employees make several billion razor blades a year (and lots of the razors to put them in) using 8 of their own brand names and also the brand names of many supermarkets and other businesses around the world that they manufacture for. They export to 75 countries.

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LORD Blades are Cost Effective. But You Can Easily Be Disappointed.

From a traditional shaving point of view they seem to have a very good cost/performance balance in that they make very good blades (but not the very best) at very attractive prices (though not the cheapest).


Their 8 brands are:

Lord’s Own Brand Which Includes:
  • Platinum,
  • Super Chrome
  • Super Stainless.
Lord’s Other Brands which include:
  • Big Ben. Super Stainless.
  • Shark. Super Stainless.
  • Crown. Super Stainless.
  • Asco. Super Stainless.
  • Racer. Super Stainless.
  • Silver Star. Super Stainless.
  • Rainbow. Super Stainless.

Many of these blades are available at very similar price points, yet some are MUCH better than others.

Just as with Petersburg Products International I refuse to believe that these are 10 different razor blades. In fact it is more likely that there are three different razor blades (the three different Lord models) and that everything else is just packaging.

Currently the Shark brand is finding favour with the traditional shaving community (I am using one at the moment). Presumably this is because they have the nicest packaging of the 8 brands!

My three favorites are:

Lord Platinum Class – A very predictable blade that is Derby Extra smooth, but lots sharper. The second sharpest blade they make. I can get 6 shaves out of them. The platinum coating lasts a long time and does not degrade quickly, like many other platinum coated blades.

Shark Super Chrome – much better than Shark Super Stainless which is more popular. Lord knows why. (Pun intended.) Shark Super Chrome lasts longer, and is a bit sharper than Shark Super Stainless, and usually is around the same price. I can easily get 8 great shaves

Rainbow – It is Lord’s sharpest blade by far, with an honourable mention to Racer. It is not Feather sharp, but believe me, its a sharp blade. I can get 7 shaves out of these blades.

Three that I passionately avoid:

Big Ben Steel – If you like a dull, rough shave, then this is the blade for you! You can get an okay shave occasionally, rocky, but not bad.

ANSCO – ANSCO is just boring. Blah! I could only get 1 – 2 shaves per blade. The blade wasn’t sharp either. next…

Crown – Not worthy of the name. Unpredictable. Uncomfortsble to shave with. They actually are the least thin of all of Lord’s blades. Why do they exist? Dunno.

I will do a short review on each blade in another post.

Remember, your mileage may very.

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