Sumatra Our most popular razor. $15 (ships free)

Best Beginner Razors Under $20!!!! Some you may have never heard of. Our first and second place picks will leave you in awe!

First Things First….

Let’s get GSCI’s stuff mentioned up front…..

We have four razors that have been designed to be gentle, yet super efficient, which are both hallmarks of a good beginner razor. They each carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.They are very inexpensive. I am proud of each one!

They are:

Top Row: Sumatra & Espresso.

Bottom Row: Black Tiger & Americano

JAVA SUMATRA – $14.99                        JAVA Espresso / Americano – $19.99     Vintage Black Tiger – $10.99

Now that our razors are out of my system,here are my 6 choices. Great beginner razors for under $20.00.

In 6th Place – Baili BD179.

AKA Rockwell R1, and many other brands.

The Baili BD179 is really an excellent and super affordable choice and has earned its place as my 6th pick overall. It is also a “butterfly” or twist to open, one piece razor. Blade loading is fast and easy because of this.

The chrome on the Baili is simply dazzling. Its construction is very solid. I have a few, and have dropped mine a few times with no damage after the fall. The open / close mechanism is a bit squeaky but durable. The shave is gentle, efficient, and comfortable. A great first time razor.

You can purchase it on eBay, or Amazon for $15 to $25. Or better still, buy a Rockwell R1. It is the same razor, but backed by Rockwell – a very customer focused company. The razor can also be purchased in Baili’s store on Ali Express. It will only cost you about $5.00 or so there, but take 6 weeks to arrive.

Baili BD179 Construction: Chrome over Zamac. Country of manufacture: China. Weight: 2.5 ounces. Handle Length: 3.25 inches.

Baili BD179 blades to try:

  • Astra SP (green)
  • Gillette / Wilkinson Sword (India)
  • Derby Extra.

Price $15 to $20.

In 5th Place – LORD L5 – AKA LORD TECH.

The LORD Tech is really a great beginner’s razor. It has slightly more aggressiveness than a Gillette Tech, after which it was designed, but not so much that the LORD Tech should be overlooked by beginners. Best of all it is dirt cheap! The LORD Tech costs about $12.00 or so on eBay or Amazon. That usually includes 1 to 3 packs of LORD manufactured blades!

The LORD Tech is a 3-piece razor.

This razor is very light. But, it is also head heavy which compensates in part for the razor’s weight. The razor is super easy to get a nick free close shave from.

LORD Tech Construction: Chrome over Zamac head, aluminum handle. Country of manufacture: Egypt. Weight: 1.2 ounces. Handle Length: 3.5 inches.

Lord L5 Tech – blades to try:

  • Astra SP (green)
  • Gillette / Wilkinson Sword (India)
  • Shark SS.

Price $12.50

In 4th Place – The Feather Popular









The feather double-edge safety razor is a efficient butterfly opening safety razor that combines affordability with performance. It is also a “butterfly” or twist to open, one piece razor. Blade loading is fast and easy because of this.

Carefully designed for easy handling and superior grip, and built with quality materials including stainless steel. The butterfly loading mechanism is highly practical when loading or cleaning the razor. A perfect shaving instrument, in the feather tradition of high quality shaving instruments. It uses any modern double-edge blade. 

The Feather Popular is a very mild razor. It has been designed to work with sharp blades such as Feather’s own Stainless Steel blades, which are perhaps, the sharpest blades you can get.

Feather Popular Construction: Steel & plastic head, plastic handle. Country of manufacture: Japan. Weight: 1.2 ounces. Handle Length: 4.0 inches.

Feather Popular – blades to try:

  • Feather Hi Steel
  • Dorco Prime
  • Rapira Super Steel

Price: $14.99

In 3rd Place – The LORD L6 or L7 (Very similar…)

Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP1822L (L6) or Model L125 (L7 aka as the LORD Fresh) have a gentle Merkur like Head. This Razor offers the ultimate in double edged affordability and lightweight construction.

The LORD L6 & L7 are both 3 piece razors. They both produce the same shaving experience because they use the same head. The handles are very similar, and are in fact the same length. However, the L7 has a handle that has a slightly greater diameter.

LORD L6 / L7 Construction: Chrome over Zamac head, aluminum handle. Country of manufacture: Egypt. Weight: 1.2 ounces. Handle Length: 4.33 inches.

Lord L6 / L7 – blades to try:

  • Dorco ST-301
  • Voskhod
  • Astra SP.

Price: $14.99

In Second Place – A $10 Razor That I Wish That I Made! The Mac’s 33C.

Found only on Amazon USA & Amazon Canada, the Macs 33C is a gem of a razor. Best of all, it is under $10. It even has a stainless steel handle! It also comes with 20 Derby Extra blades which are worth almost half of the price of the razor.

Its chrome is near perfect. It’s shave is smooth, comfortable and efficient. The razor’s fit and finish is top notch. It has a head that is so similar to an Edwin Jagger DE89 that the shaving experience is identical.

This razor is just a great bargain!

A well-made, easy to love 3-piece razor with a Merkur style head, for under $10 including excellent packaging and a stainless handle. Pinch me. I must be dreaming.

MACS 33C Construction: Chrome over Zamac head, stainless steel handle. Country of manufacture: India. Weight: 3.7 ounces. Handle Length: 3.75 inches.

Macs 33C – blades to try:

  • Derby Extra (the razor comes with 20….)
  • Dorco ST-301
  • Voskhod
  • Astra SP.

Price: $9.99 on or $14.99 on

Ok folks here it is… In absolute first place!

The Wet Shaving Products ( “El Grande.”

WSP “El Grande” Double Edge Safety Razor (Closed Comb)

Measuring 14mm (about half an inch) in diameter, the El Grande just feels great in your hand. The 85mm long handle (3.35 inches) is lathe turned and a deep knurl pattern is carved into the metal keeping it from slipping when wet.

The 3-piece Edwin Jagger DE89 style head is molded from high quality Zamac. The same as higher priced German & English brands. The head & handle are then polished by hand on a buffing wheel. Plated with copper. Then nickel. Then chrome.

Blade alignment and balance are absolutely spot on!

The razor comes in an attractive, quality, magnetic closure storage box.

You can’t find a better quality razor at a better price. Just a joy to use and a joy to own.

WSP El Grande Construction: Chrome over Zamac head and handle. Country of manufacture: Pakistan Weight: 2.75 ounces. Handle Length: 3.35 inches.

WSP El Grande – blades to try:

  • Derby Extra (the razor comes with 20….)
  • Shark Super Stainless.
  • Voskhod
  • Astra SP.

Price: $19.99 on


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